Unable to Create new tables

Hi all! I am new in this part of the forum and I am working usually as analyst but I need to create some tables and I CAN’T even if I have the right licence. What can be the problem?? Thanks for the help

What kind of error message do you get?

Are you working on a SQL Database or Native. Could be that you are not a dbo on Sql database as a guess??

Are you having a problem at the time of saving the new table or you can’t even get one started?

I’m working on native database not SQL. This is the message that I have: " You do not have permission to create the “test " table. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed” Ps: It’s not the first time that I use the same license to create tables.

I dont know if it’s matters but I use the Cronus database. Is it possible that this message is cause by the Cronus database of Microsoft? Do you know if some rights or set up need to be changed in that BD??

Hello Tatiana, It is not likely (Unless you are using the Cronus licence) that the Cronus database will be giving you this problem. What number are you trying to save the table under? Are you using an end user licence with the table designer granule or a consultant with a developer licence? Is your object number between 50000 and 99999? If so, have you bought a block of numbers? Note: You only get ten tables with table designer, while you get 100 forms, reports or dataports with their respective designers. One other thing: Check that you have your design licence on your client when working on the Cronus database. If you disconnect from the server, Navision will use the client one which is Cronus by default. this will let you create a new table, but will not let you save it. Hope this helps! [:)]

Does the database use User Login? Perhaps you do not have user permissions to create tables in your User Role. I used to do this with consultants [:D].

The error is when I try to save my table. I’m using a developer licence from a consultant and I am working locally not through the server. With this developper licence, is it possible that I still have to buy some tables? In all cases, it’s only the third table that will be created in thar databas.

Tatiana, what No. are you assigning to your new table? Keep in mind, that 1 up to 49999 is reserved for Navision/Microsoft, and even though you use a developers license, this license might have restrictions on the tables ranges. Usually you should not have any problems in creating tables from 50.000 up to 99.999 as this is the range for “customer” objects… in any case, the customer license will need to be update to include those tables (and other objects) and you’ll have to specify the range when purchasing these granules from Microsoft. Saludos Nils

What table number are yout rying to create? Try to create 50,009, since that is normally allowed in most licenses.

Hi ppl,

Can somebody explain me how to update the customer license and specify the range ?

We requested for the Developer’s license and we got it as a DVD! I have installed it and the same problem persists!

After getting the DVD, is there anything that i have to do? Like purchasing the granules or range? I really dont understand what a granule means here…

Thanks in advance!