unable to create an instance of 3rd party DLL

Dear All,

One of my customer is implementing 3rd party loyalty program which uses DoV device. The manufacturer has provided a dll along with the hardware. I had successfully registered the dll and i could declare the variable of that dll in the NAV form and could use the functions of that dll in the code as well. But while runtime, i am not able to use it as it throws an error message that it could not create an instance of the ole control or automation controll…please install and register properly". Can anyone help me in identifying the problem in that dll so that i can revert back to the hardware vendor to correct the dll accordingly.

Thanx in advance


Hi Taj,

First of all this dll needs to be installed at every client machine that runs that form.
Even if it’s only by using a function from the form, and not actually running the form.

That should be enough, given that you have the proper rights on the individual machine to have it installed and registered properly.
If you still need to register some dll or ocx or so, it has to be done from inside NAV.
Go to Functions → Custom Controls
Press the menu-button and choose Search.
Navigate to the dll, and press Open.

I don’t really remember, but i think you also have to make this manual registration of the dll at every machine, since it’s stored in the local zup-file.