Unable to compile AX 2012 pre release

Dear all,

I have succeed install AX 2012 and being asked to compile application. But I can’t compile application and raise an error instead. My error message is “You are not authorized to access table ‘Compiler information’ (TmpCompilerOutput). Contact your system administrator.”

Below is my screenshot :


Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.



Case closed. I have successfully install AX 2012 pre release now.

Here are what I’ve done :

  1. reinstall AX 2012 by removing all components completely that I’ve installed before.

  2. doing initialization checklist first then update SID after initialization complete

  3. done

The problem that causing I can not compile AX is I do update SID first then initialization. I took wrong steps order.

Sorry for my self answering.


I am not clear why there is need to update SID after Compilation, if its fresh installation and haven’t change domain.

correct me if i’m wrong.

Hi Nitin,

Actually I’m installing AX not for deployment purpose but for development. I installed it in my local computer (not on server computer) and run it without using domain login so I need to replace my SID with my “non domain user login”. That’s it.