Unable to close a production order that is linked to a sales order ?


I am having a problem here…

I have created a production order ( linked to sales order) of 2000 units. My sales order is also 2000 units.

I sent that to a subcontractiong but i received only 1873 units instead of those 2000 units sent.


  1. How can I close my production order with only those 1873 units as i will net receive the rest of goods? The problem is that my work order is linked to my sales order.

  2. Another problem is for the same type of order, an output of 570 units have been added to the work order and it was not good. So I need to cancel that before closing the order, how should I do that? The system still shows a link with the sales order.


My sales order is 1873 units. I have a work order with 2380 units finished and i want to finish the order ( change status to finish) . But the system does not allow me to do that as my sales order is not equal tro my work order.

Now i want to cacel

What are the error messages when you try to close each?

In the first is the sub-con op the last?

What have you actually tried?

How much scrap percentage you enter in BOM.

Not sure why you are answering a 2 year old post in this manner!