Unable to change the query on info part in AX 2012 R3


I’m using AX 2012 R3.

When i change the query on standard info part, it still runs the old query.

I wrote info in the init method of the old & new query, everytime info from the old query displays.

I also tried to replace the info part in the cue with custom info part. Still it calls the old query.

is there a way to refresh the info part?

Have you tried by creating a new menu item for the info part (that has the new query) and adding the newly created menu item to the respective Cue (changing the previewPartReference property with the new display menu item).

Dear Krupa,

If there’s a query on the menu item query property, then you need to change it also.



Yes, that’s why we need to create a new menu item, i have seen the query property is not editable for menu items that has object type as info part. The query might be inherited from the actual info part.

Can you tell us what standard info part exactly you are modifying?

Hello Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply.

We tried changing the query on the info part, but still it called the old query.

But then we changed the relation on the table that the query was using, which helped in achieving the functionality required by us.

OK, but have you tried with the new menu item?