Unable to add wMSLocationId field to InventJournalCount form

Can someone offer a solution to a problem I’m having adding a field to the InventJournalCount form (in the AOT)?

The field name is wMSLocationId.

The visible property is set to “Yes”

I have the DataSource set to InventDim (this table is part of the form’s datasource).

I go to add it in the AOT design but then go to run it, and it doesn’t show in the form’s “Grid” that I added the field to in the AOT.

When I keep the datasource the same, and just change the field name to, say, “ModifiedBy” it will show up just fine.

This field is part of the InventoryDimensionsGrid group that is in the “Grid” hierarchy.

I have cleared all of my own personalization settings to ensure this isn’t causing this problem.

I can also add the field to the grid just fine - using the “personalization” menu, but I have to dig it out of the table to use it - its not “there” to drag and drop from the GUI as the other existing fields.

Thanks in advance!

Why cannot you use the Dimensions display functionality?

The user was okay with using this after all…thanks.