Un-do Receipt of none items

Hi, This is Navision 4.0 SP1. A purchase order was posted with wrong vendor. Since this purchase order has been received but not invoiced, I could un-do the receipt. However, the un-do receipt does not like none-item types. Therefore, you can not un-do charge-items lines. If you do not un-do the charge item, you can not change the purchase vendor #. The message said that Qty to receive(/received?) must be 0. I know that you could post the purchase order then crediting it out. Is there any other way to work around? Thanks,

Hi Trin It will not help but Microsoft have had this as an enhancement request since 3.70 [:D] In this posting http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9125 there is code to allow it but I am not a developer and would not like to comment on its suitability. What I would recommend is that you invoice it through and the credit it out - it is the best thing to do with all of the entries and reporting implications involved. It is also the surest way that everything will be correct at the end of the processing.

If the document is still open, try inserting new lines below your Item Charge lines with the same Information but reverse the values, when you post this it will net to zero, but you will have to take it through to Invoice stage! If you don’t want to do this, do as steven said and post the Invoice then create a credit and apply it to the Invoice. Hope this helps?