Umlauts problem . . .

Axapta does not understand scandinavian letters even if it is made in Denmark :-p. static void Umlaut(Args _args) { if ( ‘A’==‘Ä’) print true; else print false; pause; } Version 3.0 sp1 … sp3 gives me true I tested also with “o”==“ö” and “u”==“ü”, etc br,

Testing previous example gives the right answer == FALSE only when using database initialized for unicode. But i can create items with ItemIDs like 11a , 11â and 11ä into database, quess which one is going into SalesLine ?? Does this mean we must initialize Axapta databases for unicode in those countries where is used letters with something atop of the them like â , õ , á , à , î , ï, ë , ü , etc. - even if they are are drawn from the same code page. ps) Got this week release date (at 2006) for V 4.0 - not a word about unicode compatibility any more. br,

Hi Which codepage are you using for the SQL server (when not running Unicode?)

Hi, We use Finnish_Swedish_CI_AS. So we can insert into the database unique primary keys like ‘UUU’ and ‘ÜÜÜ’ . Comparing those with each other in X++ results true until we initialize for unicode. br,