UMl Use case survey model for the manufacturing ..

hi! can any one give the sample use case survey model(use case diagrams) for the Manufacturing process. Thanks Vangala

Hi Vangala I think due to the complexities and choices within the software, and in the real world on how manufacturers work, this will not exist. There are so many ways to configure the system that it is easier to take the way the manufacturer looking to buy works, and explain how the system can be set up to mirror this process. However if you do find a set of model diagrams for the main process flows of the system, please let me have a copy![:D]

Actually i developed the Use case diagrams for the features available in the Manufacturing module of the Navison Attain How can I can send the file(which is in htm format) to you or to the forum

Hi Vangala I would appreciate a copy at Thanks

HI, Please, send it to me also Thank you,

If you don’t mind, I would appreciate a copy as well ( Thank you. Klaus

Hi Srinivan, I would also appreciate you sending the UML diagram to Kindly give me your contact e-mail id. Thanks and Regards, Biji James

If you would be so kind… Thanks!

…and if it’s not a problem, please send a copy at brgds.

Hello Vangala, There seems to be a hell of a demand for your UML document, If you don’t mind, I suggest you upload it in the download forum. This should spare you some time e-mailing your document to anyone who is interested having a look at it. Cheers, Tarek

A copy would be highly appreciated … Thank you !

Did any body received it? If yes, I would also request for one.

I looked in the download section and it’s not there yet. Can I get a copy? My email address is Thanks

Can I have a copy please? Thanks…my e-mail is

Can I have a copy too please? Thanks…my e-mail is

hi all! This is the First time i prepared the diagrams for basic Manufacturing activities, based on the information obtained through document and Internet.I already sent a copy to many of the Forum members for scrutiny and comments /Suggestions.I expect some of you who have substantial experience in Implementation, study the diagrams thoroughly and furnish their comments for further improvement.

Hi People, I had also made some flow charts for Manufacturing module some 2 years ago. As I see this forum wants these charts. I am faciing some problem with uploading the file to the forum. I will try to load it again.

Hi Friends, I appeared to Navision Attain Manufacturing Certification and I could not get through. I prepared myself using the Navision Manufacturing User’s manual. Is there any other resource material I need to refer for clearing this certification exam? Kindly specify. I will appreciate any useful any suggestions in this regards, Regards, Biji James

Hi, please send a copy to my email at is Thanks

A bit late here but do you think i could get a copy too. Many thanks.