UML in Navision for analysis & development

We are analysing the opportunity to use UML from detailled design to development. Does someone already have some sounded experience in this field? There are a lot of people interested in this technology but nobody really starts.

Hi Vincent, for the moment we use UML for the business modelling part in the diagnostic phase of the implementation using Visio and the object stencils that are provided by Navision. It’s actually of great use, especially customers are very surprised to see their internal processes descibed in this way… and they figure out how complex they actually work. In the future, we are also considering to use UML for the design and development part (buidling use cases, etc.), but haven’t had any chance so far to actually do it… therefore definitly interested in the experience of other people. Saludos Nils

Hello We use UML and the Navision Modeler. The Modeler is a limited but in my opinion great tool with great possibilities in the future (it’s still a 1.0 version). UML and the tool enforce me to do the analysis in a structured way, otherwise I can’t put the pieces together //Lars

Do you test other UML tools : ‘RUP’ from ‘Rational’ or ‘Together’. Which diagrams do you design? Classes Diagram, objects diagrams,… What is the level of detail you go to?

Sorry to ask such a dumb question but where can you get the Navision modeler? I never heard of it … Thanks, Cristi Nicola

I use it for quite high-level descriptions like physical diagrams (offices/dep.) and use-cases. I like the use-cases most with the structure with Users and actors, pre-post conditions, objectives and finally the breakdown in activites with the swim-lanes. //Lars

Hi Cristi, the Navision Modeler is being developed by Navision Denmark and is thought to be part of the implementation methodology OnTarget provided by them aswell. As far as I know there are some releases available through your NTR but depending on their strategy and willingness they are providing this tool or not to their NSCs… we haven’t got it neither. As Lars points out the main use are the business process diagrams which are very useful in understanding the business and the procedures of your client. Saludos Nils

Glad to see that UML is taking off in the Navision field as well. Does anybody know where I can get the Visio stencils for Navision?

Hi Sven, directly from the Navision homepage: Development Methodology Saludos Nils

Going through documents like ‘costing white paper for Navision Attain’, you see and understand that in order to built Attain, Navision Danmark is heavily using UML : class diagrams and activity diagrams are often used to draw procedure. I’m a bit surprise that on implementation level, Navision is not promoting this modeling language. Does the implementation course (Navision on Target) highlight this methodology?

Hi Vincent, I didn’t attend any course but I can tell you that there are some business diagram examples on the OnTarget CD that your NTR should provide… some examples are: Current/Future Technical environment, Day in the Life Overview, Report Binder, Sales Quote to Inventory Workflow and some more… So at least on the CD there is no specific UML documentation or guidelines on how to use it. Saludos Nils

i really hate searching inside the microsoft websites :frowning: so you talked about some navision stencils for visio … do you have a direct link or maybe you can send them by mail ?

please look in