UK/World Warehouse Management Systems

Hi all I am unsure what the situaiton was previously inthe rest of the world but in the UK, I believe, sitting the NAD course enabled you to sell and implement the product. For those of you in the UK proficient on NAD the equivalent in 3.60 is the warehouse management systems module, and come January 2003 there will be an exam you will need to sit at the extrenal testing centres to say you are accredited in the module.

I’m already booked! I think this is the right approach from Microsoft. There are significant functionality changes between NAD and 3.60 WMS that justify a new course and re-certification. I’m pleased that they applied the same logic to manufacturing were there are not too many changes, so re-certification will not be required.

Hi Adam I sat the course yesterday, which was when they announced the proposed exam and “January” date. I totally agree with you and the reason I never sat the NAD course was because I was going to do this late last year and they advised us to wait for 3.60 due to the changes. This meant however that I was unaware if you sat an exam in NAD 2.60, but I doubted it. Are you aware of any other courses that are going to become exam certified that were not previously?

There’s a couple of documents on the GB3.60 CD if you haven’t read them already. In the ‘training schedules’ folder is a document detailing the content of each course, cost, target audience etc. (Although it says WMS is not test based course which is a little contradictory!). The more reliable document seems to be section 9 of the product announcement in the documentation folder. In a nutshell: NM2.01 to 3.60 recertification required NM2.60 to 3.60 recertification not required NAD to WMS recertification required Web shop - recertification required to Commerce Portal NCR - 12 months valid but needs to be recertified as Financial Management certification. It doesn’t seem to mention any other ‘test’ based certifications. Can’t really post the full text as it is marked partner confidential, but let me know if you can’t find it I’ll mail you direct.

Thanks Adam I have the CD, and have read the documentation, I was aware of the recertificatin classifications, just not the Warehouse Management Systems exam. I was wondering if they were going to sneak any further exams in![:D]

Steve, I don’t think we should worry if they do - in fact I would welcome it. I think there are a number of areas that require no certification other than NCR, but that are not covered at all by the NCR test. Having passed your NCR you can then be let loose implementing things like Fixed Assets, resources and jobs - amongst other things. Don’t want to be a trophy hunter but a test makes sure that you understand the material, not just attend the course. Don’t mind admitting that it took me 3 attempts to pass manufacturing certification [:I]but the process at least made sure I understood it. In the same way, I think people should understand what, for example, a declining balance depreciation profile is before working with fixed assets. Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now! So what was the course like? Was the training material the same as on the product CD?

Hi Adam I completely agree with you [:D] The training was interesting, the Navision UK representatives outnumbered us 2:1 and it was Jesper’s last training before he goes to pre-sales. Yes the training manual is the same as the pdf on the documentation CD. Some interesting discussions around Bin capacity - it checks on cubic capacity and weight, which may cause you issues on part filled bins, and item journals - which do not affect the Bin and Zone level, so you have to process adjustments twice, in WMS and Inventory. Just good to find the time to sit down and go through the software.