UK User Group


Im trying to find a Dynamics AX user group for the UK. I have performance issues and want to compare notes with other existing AX users. Can anyone guide me ? Is this site multinational ?


Hi Brian & Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

Yes, the site is international and here you will find people from UK as well.

I suggest you post your queries here, people are friendly & co-operative here and hopefully you will get a solution/ suggestion of your problem.

Hi Brian,

welcome to the Group, I’m a new member myself. I’ve found people to be helpful so far as well. I would suggest specifying your query and I am sure you will get some helpful responses.

Good Luck


Thanks guy’s, I’ll post specific questions.

Hi Brian

This site is multinational. I would suggest you talk to your partner, they should be able to help you. There are lots of considerations based upon the obvious elements of usage, configuration etc, AX can scale to high transaction levels and large databases, but you need someone technical to guide you (it is not me!).

I do not believe the level of usage and history of AX in the UK previously warranted a user group for the UK along the lines of the old Sage groups etc, but that does nto mean one has not been created for end users that I am not aware of. There are however numerous web based advice forums for AX,

Hi Brian,

As others mentioned please feel free to ask queries here.

On another note, issues related to performance you might want to check following sources -


And then I stumble across one [:D] has a UK branch on LinkedIn*2