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Just a couple of questions. Is there anybody else in the UK using Axapta v2.5? Has anybody in the UK implemented the Service Management module from v2.5? We would really like to see a working implementation of the service module before we give our reseller a small fortune to configure and modify it for us. They have been less than helpful in finding us a reference site. Since our go live date in January, we have identified a number of failings (major & minor) in the basic product and the only response we seem to get is that it will/may be fixed in a later version. Is that a standard response? Do service packs ever get issued for v2.5?

Can you tell us what the pricing is of this servicemodule in the UK?

I’m not sure that this is the correct forum in which to reveal what our reseller is proposing to charge us to customise this module. We bought the standard module as part of the overall package and then we found all the ‘holes’. Sorry!

Okay, I thought there was a standard service module within axapta and was wondering what the costs were of this module… Customazitions are difficult to compare so naming the costs of these is ofcourse uselss. What are the holes you are talking about? (In general, not specific ones for your company of course)

OK - cacheing does not work, MRP ignores Purchase Forecasts, standard reports truncate data, General Ledger > Setup > Periods……on tab Module Status - setting the module status to None, or to an user group, does not prevent posting to the open period, Number / currency formats get picked up from the first client to log in after an AOS restart - not much use if you’re a multinational, Project journal approval report gives incorrect answers, BOM consists of report disagrees with BOM, Automatic shutdown does not work over terminal services, Cost journal header is incorrect, MRP generated POs do not have unit field populated, COA transactions table shows positive amount until you sit on the line and then it shows negative, Debtor balance in currency shows incorrect amount, when doing an item arrival, if you enter a duplicate delivery note you get an error message but the delivery still posts leaving the goods as registered and not received. This is a small sample of the 230 issues we have raised in the last 6 months on the standard product.

Les, it maybe my misinterpretation, but this looks like a number of errors throughout the application, but not a the service management module? They all seem to be in the area of production modules…

Correct. We haven’t implemented Service Management yet. That’s why the original question was “has anyone in the UK implemented SM?”. The other line to the topic was “do any of the bugs get fixed? Are there such things as Service Packs to correct the failings of the basic product?”

First of all, what Service Management module are you planning to implement? Axapta 4.0 (2004) will include SM functionality, but for now it can only be supplied through 3rd party solutions. Personally, I would go for the ‘PrimeCorde’ solutions since that is the basis of the future standard module (should make upgrading easier). With regards to your endless list of issues, I have to say that Axapta is not without flaws, but to me it sounds as if your NSC doesn’t have the required experience to help you :o( When it comes to Service Packs, MBS has released Service Pack 4 for version 2.5 - I have no idea if future Service Packs are planned, but you should be aware that support for Axapta 2.5 stops 1 year after the release of version 3.0

Err, confused now. The version of Axapta that we have been supplied with has an ‘integrated’ SM module (In think that it was originally written by a company called Hands but was bought out by Damgaard). Unfortunately, it’s capability is targetted at on-the-road service engineers and so has lots of capabilities for maintaining fleets of lorries and scheduling service engineers time. We operate two call centres, UK & US, with advance replacement or return / repair capabilities being carried out by local depots. The actual repairs being carried out either in-house or at an outsourced repair depot. So, our reseller has offered to ‘customise’ the module at great cost and we wanted to see an implementation of the standard module working before we went ahead in case we would be better changing our processes rather than the tool. Much as I would like to visit Aus, there must be an implementation somewhere nearer!

I must say I totally agree with Mr. Jaeger. As far as I know, Damgaard never bought the Service Module from Hands – it was never a part of the standard package – the module still belongs to Hands. Consider seriously if you can not wait with the service module, till you can implement the Axapta standard in Ver. 4. And before you start ordering expensive correction of errors, please consider a version update – it is better to stay close to the standard where you can and cheaper as well – and future updates will also be easier/cheaper. I can only recommend ver. 3.0 (I do not know whether there are SPs in UK), I think that this will mend most of your problems in the general application.

I don’t know who informed you that Hands’ Service Management module for Axapta had been bought by Damgaard/Navision/MBS - this is not the case (at least to my knowledge). Hands’ SM module was originally developed by ‘Nordjysk EDB Center’ (a danish Axapta reseller) - and was originally for the XAL product, but later developed for Axapta as well. Nordjysk EDB Center (NEC) was acquired by Hands. NEC did indeed focus on ‘on-the-road service engineers’ as you have noticed from reviewing the SM module. My recommendation to you is, if you can wait a year to implement Service Management - wait for Axapta 4.0! If you cannot wait, go for the SM solution from ‘Primecorde’ (now EDB Gruppen - contact information at, since this will be the core of what you’ll see in Axapta 4.0 - this should make it alot easier to upgrade later on, even if you’ve had modifications done. With regards to your general issue on Axapta, I will recommend upgrading to the latest Service Pack - or even better to version 3.0.

Oh! I have been a bit misled here. I thought there was only the Hands SM module available and it was the standard SM for Axapta. Looks like our reseller didn’t offer the Primecorde option which sounds as though it is a lot closer to our needs than the Hands one. I’ll take this up with them. Thanks for your replies, it has been most informative. PS : Where do you get the Service Packs from?