UK only: Voiding a reconciled BACS entry

Hello, An end user query I don’t know the answer to. Hopefully someone here will be quicker than MBS! [:D] One of our clients has run their first BACS run on the Payment Journal, posted the journal, and reconciled the bank account before realising that one of the BACS transactions has been returned with an error by the bank handling the BACS. They would now like to financially void the BACS ledger entry, but they are unable to because the system tells them that: “Statement Status must be Open in BACS Ledger Entry Entry No. = XXX” Presumably this is because the Bank Statement has been posted. I have checked the manuals, but I cannot find any reference to handling BACS in them (Presumably becuase it is a GB feature)or any reference as to how to handle a cheque ledger entry in the same situation (As I assume the BACS functionality is intended to work in the same way). Does anyone have any suggestions?[?]