Ubale to access footerRow control inside AxGridView ?

I have taken one textbox in Footer of AxGridview.

TextBox txtFooter = (TextBox)AxGridView1.FooterRow.FindControl(“FooterTextBox1”);

using this code i am giving some value in this FooterTextBox1 and the value is getting inserted successfully.

But i want to dislplay some default value in this textbox on Page Load.So again i used the same code but it’s not showing.

TextBox txtDefault = (TextBox)AxGridView1.FooterRow.FindControl(“FooterTextBox1”);


Grid mean for every record the value changes or it remains same (you can actually make use of edit or display method)

Where you have placed the code - place it in the init method.

It’s in Enterprise Portal so no init method here man !

Sorry - It would be always better if you add more details to your post…