Uable to close dialog box

hi I am using Navision Attain 310. In codeuint 90 ie Purch-Post, when ever an error is encountered, the dialog box ( that opens during Posting)does not get closed. any help regarding this. with regards hari

3.10 is definitely not a “good” version; help yourself: upgrade!

Harikesh, Take Anfinnur’s advice and upgrade the executables at least! Regards

Hi Connull Its working fine before customization. We have done changes in condeunit-90 (Purch-post).The problem is coming after this. regards hari

Harikesh, Are you saying that if you take the modifications out, the codeunit runs fine?!? So what ‘modifications’ have you made? Review these changes and amend - or post it on here for us to look at and advise.

Hi Connull i have written some exta line that user TESTFIELDS. hari

Harikesh, Well that’s the problem! TESTFIELD causes an end to program execution but won’t close the dialog window down. You’ll have to re-code and test the field values some other way. Hope this helps

hi Connull thanks for ur valuable advice. regards harikesh