Typing text into dropdown issue

Hi all and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I have created a dialog that contains an Item number dropdown. When you select the dropdown and click an Item from the dropdown grid it puts in the ItemId and works great when I click OK on the dialog.

My issue is that if i were to just type the ItemId, instead of selecting form the drop down, the text i enter is not being assigned to the DialogField. Is there a way to set the text that is manually entered so the user could type the ItemId or select from the dropdown?



Hi Bob,

Even if u just type the itemid or text in the dialogfield, you will still get the value for it :

dialog d = new dialog();

dialogfield df;


df = d.addField(typeid(itemid), ‘item num’);

if (d.run())





Vishal Tiwari