Typical database sizes?

Hi all, Reading through the posts on this forum, I get the impression that Axapta database sizes are generally quite small (>10Gb seems to be considered large). I would really like to know if anyone out there is running any larger databases. We heard (while on training) of a 30Gb installation, but nothing seems to come close to our 75Gb (and growing by 3-5 Gb per month). This database size has proved to be an issue, not only because of the storage need, but also because it has really affected our performance. We do not have a particularly large user base, but we import and post a large number of sales orders (20000-25000) on a nightly basis. We are particularly worried that despite Microsoft’s claims to be planning optimisation changes for v4, they are optimising for far smaller databases, and we won’t really see much out of it. To give an idea of the speed degradation, our import process used to import and post used to run 1000 records in 15 minutes. In 8 months that time has risen to 40+ minutes. The time taken is mostly to post, which is the standard Axapta posting routine, so we have ruled out bad programming on our side.

Hi, look atthis thread: http://www.mbsug.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5051 br,

Thanks, I have already had a look at that thread, which is what gave me the idea that 10Gb is a large database in the Axapta community. I would like to know if anyone else is wrestling with the kind of sizes we are dealing with (upwards of 50Gb) with similar growth rates (3-5Gb per month).

Hi . I know of at least 2 custoemrs having TebaByte database with Axapta 2.5, witj that they have faced a lot of issues with max RECID´s. Of my customers in Denmark is multible with more tha 200GB, and with a load of 3-10GB per Month… Best REgard erik

Hi Our database size is 150 GB and growing by 10-15 Gb per month now. The database server is Itanium 2 and Windows è SQL Server Ent Ed 64-bit too (IBM x455) with RAM 56 GB Performance is OK