Txt Msg to Mobile Phone

Can anyone recommend some software that Navision can integrate with to send a Text Message to a mobile phone. Hope you can help!!! Graham

We send the message by email with a special subject. The emailserver sends the email to a sms server (provider). No special software required.

A Nokia, serial cable and the Nokia PC Suite should do it. Not sure this holds for all models, but when You install the Nokia PC Suite (at least some older versions) You get an OCX You can call directly from C/AL.

Hi Erik What SMS provider do you use, i have so far been unable to find any Thanks Graham

  • www.gin.nl Did some research on direct sms before we found the solution with the emailserver: - http://www.mobilefbus.com This ocx works with a nokia 3310. You can even receive sms.

Take a look at Orbis Software. With this software you can setup rules in the database to send either text messages or emails to people based upon data stored in the Navision Database (such as a customer has gone over their credit limit, notify a salesperson of a quote entered for one of their customers, the list is endless) The text can be sent to any number you are storing in the database. http://www.orbis-software.com/index.html

Alison, The website is a bit blablabla to me. Based on your message I think it’s very interesting. Will the Orbis software be running as a client in Navision?

Hi Graham, I’m pretty sure you already know that, but just in case… Our cell phone provider assigns to each phone an email address, so we can simply write a normal email to @MyProvider.com to send the text message. Quick & easy, but you still have to take care about the 140 characters limit.

Or if You use zetafax for faxing, You also use it for submitting sms

Erik, if you want to know more about Orbis contact me, I know the software pretty well and the dutch distributor also. You can ask Sven for my email adress.