Two Versions of the Client, one PC.

Does anyone have experience of running two version of the Navision client on the same PC. We are looking to install two clients, one for version 2.01.B and one for Attain 3.6. We have a heavily bespoked system which we need to modify for the new version and run User Acceptance Testing (UAT) prior to making the switch across and I’m try to avoid the need for two sets of PC’s. Is it possible and if so what issue are we likely to face?

With this two version you will not have any problems. Just try it! Alex

John, I have implemented two versions of client in my machine, which are 3.01B and 3.60. Please make sure the following: install in two different paths. the command in the start menu will be overriden by the latest one. So create two different shortcuts in the desktop. specify different ID in the command line, otherwise they will use the same zup file. But the most important is your licence. I don’t encourage you to violate the licence rule from navision. Richard

One more thing I missed. Don’t open the same database by different version as 3.60 will convert that database to the latest one. Then the older version cannot open it again. Richard

I’ve on my machine installed the 2.00, 2.01, 2.60, 2.65, 3.01, 3.10 and 3.60 clients… no problem at all on using them all… the only thing you’ve to take care is to set the .fdb extensions on the register to the lower version so you won’t accidentally open and upgrade an older database and to take care when installing 3.6 as it’s removing previous installations of navision. Regards,

I have problem with HYPERLINK, when i called navision forms from other applications. Hyperlink was switched to latest installed version.

kamen… you can always change the default one by modifying the register on your system. Regards,