Two Teams - One Server

Dear friends, We have got some doubts about server application.Please clarify… 1) If i install two server applications in different folders of one machine, can two teams access two different databases in a single m/ a TIME [?] Please do help me. Thanx in advance… Regards, Venumala RajaSekhar

You can certainly install two servers on the same box. The standard installation guide will give you the technical information, or do a search on this topic and you’ll find plenty of information from previous posts.

Hi Raja, You can install two server applications in different folders of one machine. Kindly see the section 1.6 RUNNING MORE THAN ONE SERVER of document w1w1ism.pdf. That is stored in the doc directory of installation CD.

…one special point to remark is, that you won’t be able to “install” the second server installation - the installation procedure will notice that you have already a navision server installed. You need to copy (Windows Explorer) the first installation into a new directory and then you can start the navision service twice… the standard manual explains the details… Saludos Nils

I remember also writting a how to long time ago in the forum. Basically you just have to change the hosts and services files on the server and client machines and run each copy of the server program in a different folder indicating the service name. It’s not really difficult to setup :slight_smile: Regards

You can specify a different server name for each service that you want to run. And also dont forget to assign a different tcp port each. Regards, Marlon