Two NumberSequence in one Table/Form.

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Can i use two number sequence for one table.


On Stock Management > Item Details.

Suppose i have one ItemGroup = “Standard Items” i want to use number sequence for this is “STD0001”

another ItemGroup = “Non-Standard Items” i want to use number sequence for this is “NONSTD0001”

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Mehul Thacker

Two number sequences can be used on the same field but it needs customization there is no standard functionality in AX.You can take help from Journal Names in Inventory Management where different number sequences can be setup on voucher series against the Journal Name and the same will be picked during the Journal Posting…

The creation of Item number happens prior to the selection of Item Group.

Your requirement is 100 % possible. but needs a little effort.


I am able to use two number seq on one table.

For e.g. above i have given,

I have used number sequence On Item Details For “Standard Item Group” from NumberSeq table (AX functionality).

but i am creating an Non-Standard item using X++ code. and at that thim i am assigning different number seq then specified one.

will it be OK with AX!?

Finally i have written code for this which works as addon, and we can use this code to create multiple number sequence in single table/form. have a look at following link,

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Mehul Thacker