two Navisin 3.70 servers on one machine

Hi, who could me say the steps to run two navision servers on one windows 2003 server. Also the client steps. Thanks

You need to change the host and services files of windows

The hosts and services files need to be changed on both the server and client machines. I believe the steps are in the Installation and System Management document on the product CD.

From the readme.txt in the 3.7 server nintel directory: TCP/IP on the Server -------------------- TCP/IP is included in the Windows operating systems. The server program will use TCP/IP port 2407 as a default. If this port is occupied by another process, you can have the system use another port by creating a new entry in the SERVICES file. The SERVICES file is normally located in the directory \WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC. You can make a new entry in the SERVICES file in the following format: <servername> 3001/tcp where <servername> should be replaced by the name of the server (in uppercase) with which you start the server program, and 3001 should be replaced by a free port number. Attention! If you make changes in the "services" file on the server, you should also make changes in the "services" file on all the client computers. Otherwise the client will not be able to find the server program on the network. TCP/IP on the Client -------------------- The client program interfaces with the WinSocket API. This means that the client program can run on any TCP/IP that interfaces with the WinSocket API. The TCP/IP included with Windows can be used. If you have changed the TCP/IP port for the server program, you must make the same changes in the "services" file for each client. This can be done in the same way as described in the section called "TCP/IP on the Server." If you are not using a DHCP or DNS server, the "hosts" file must be changed. The "hosts" file is normally placed in the same directory as the "services" file, and must be changed for each client. A new entry must be made as follows: x.x.x.x <servername> where x.x.x.x specifies the server's TCP/IP address and <servername> should be replaced with the name of the server with which you start the client program. -john

Huma: Do the following steps: 1: make a copy of the existing NAVISION server directory - name it NAVISION (1) for example. 2. Insert the following line in the “services” file of the NAVISION server navision_1 2433/tcp #NAVISION Server #2 3. Create the following batch files: a: InstAsServer.cmd “D:\Programs\Navision (1)\SERVER.EXE” database="D:\Programs\Navision (1)\database.fdb, nettype=tcp, cache=100000, commitcache=yes, servername=navision_1, installasservice b: StartServer.cmd NET START “Navision Attain Database Server NAVISION_1” 4. Run a then b On the client side you can do the following: - insert the server´s port no. in the services file - alternatively you may create a link like this to connect to server #2: “C:\Programs\Navision\Client\fin.exe” nettype=tcp, servername=servername:2433, id=%username%, company=My Company That saves you to edit the client’s systems file. Regards Alarich

G’day All, could somebody please make some recommendations about sizing for RAM to run two instances of server.exe, or advise any tweaks. We have 2 databases at 500MB each and performance is affected when opening client - seems to be page swapping and according to taskmanager the memory consumed by each server.exe process fluctuates significantly. Of course we need to expand dbs and needing greater understanding on memory handling in this configuration. Looking forward to replies. Thanks and regards, Matthias.