Two MRP for Single Item

Dear All,

Kindly suggest for the following:-

I have Two Different MRP for a Single Item in Navision. And Excise is calculating on MRP.

Kindly suggest how to map the Process.

Thanx in Advance


Prima-facie How single Item have two different MRP ???

Is it special customization ???


Its a Business Process of Client.

I haven’t done any customization.Kindly suggest the solution.

How you are maintaining two MRP for single Item ?

Can you just elaborate ??

I dont have any Provision to maintain the same at present in system.

I have one Single Item which is sol as Rs. 395 in J & K and Rs. 550 for Other states.

Kindly Suggest how we cam map the same in the system.

That means it is selling price and it is different for every customer across states

You can use Sales Price for maintaing it for every customer.

As well as you can create price group and attach to customer .

Selling Price is different. They have two Different MRP.

And Excise is calculated on MRP in this case. So we can capture the Two Different MRP on Item.

The MRP tab in the Item Card dialog box is added. In the Tax Information tab, you will see the following check box

  • MRP

The MRP price is used for transactions involving excise tax. If the MRP check box is selected, all excise posting setups with duty calculation type that are set to % of MRP will compute for excise amount based on the MRP price that is set in the Item Card dialog box.

Yes i am following the above mentioned process for the Single MRP. But how i can do for two Different MRP. As there is only Single MRP Field on Item Card.

I dont think so there any provision for the same .You need to customize the same