Two Finished Goods From One BOM


I have one BOM called “A” and I need to produce 2 finished goods “B” & “C” from one production order? Is it possible? If yes, can anyone please help me on this? The scenario is as follows:

The QOH (Quantity On Hand) for A is 10 and when I create a new production order and in the end 2 items’ will be produced. QOH will be increased for the items “B” & “C”, at the same time the stock of “A” will be decreased. If anyone faced the same requirement I kindly request to share the work around.

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Yes in AX2012 you would setup Formulas with By/Co-Products. AX2009 you buy the process MDIS, or add in a negative line, but this will impact on costing.

Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Negative QTY won’t help me. As you said it will affect costing. So 2009 there is no option or we need to go for add-on right ?

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Yes you can do with Negative Qty in Picking List jornal,

But you have to Define that item with Std Cost and BOM. for example

You have Item A as an Input and Out come is B and C

You can define B as Bom item and A in Bom line with C(- Qty) as flushing principle finish

Let say Item A cost you 100 Rs,

And find out what is your % of B and C from A

For example from 100 Kg of A B and C is being Produce and Weight for B is 70 and C is 30 kg

So define std cost for C 30 Rs

and in Bom for C define Bom line A = 30 Kg and update cost for C on regular basis

so when you Complete production for item A syste will give you Item A with 70 rs and Item C for 30 Rs…

Same as you can devide Cost driver Costing for both

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Dear Hardik,

Thanks for your detailed explanation.

In fact all items are on Standard Cost method. But here slitting quantity will not exact match with total quantity of A.

For example:

Item A’s quantity is 10 (EACH), but B & C can be produced 700(EACH) and 300(EACH) quantity respectively.

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There is still a relationship between B and C with A so I am not sure your argument holds true, unless the consumption amount is purely variable, but even then you do not auto-post the pick, you tell it and then it will work.

Yes with AX2009 to setup Co/By Products you need to buy the Process module to activate this standard functionality.

dude you can always post it manually…in picking list…whatever it is your outcome just be sure abt cost…