Two fdb. Get data from one to another

Hi. I need to solve the following: My customer have two Financial databases (he needs this, complicated to explain why). I need to, while the first db is open, get financial data from the other, and post this data to the appropriate journals. My question is how do I do this? I have not seen any code that can do that, except ODBC and such. Regards, Thomas.

C/ODBC is, as far as I am concerned, the tool to use. C/Front may be faster, but also more complex.

Are You running Native or SQL? If SQL it’s quite easy with ADO. If Native maybe You should consider exchange textfiles and maybe use NAS to automate it

If you want to do this within Navision, C/FRONT is the best bet. You can add C/FRONT as an Automation controller to a codeunit. This codeunit can read from the other Server and insert records into the applicable Journal. Note that you can’t do validation from C/FRONT, but we get around that by using Navision to get the data. Hope this makes things clearer.

you might use the ADO (or the DAO) -modell in combine with odbc, so you can use the same or a different Database directly whithin C/sidecode. by the way: in this way, you can also use in a 2.01-database the possibility, to get access to tables and fields just over the numbers, so you can use the same logic as the RecordRef in Attain. By the way: the 3.56-odbc is not able to work with the ADO, so you can’t have access to a blue version from within financials.