We are getting ready to add a European company to our US database. The difference in date formats (US= MM/DD/YYYY, EU=DD/MM/YYYY)seems to be something that Navision doesn’t handle from the Company card down. How do we - using the same forms and reports on both companies - display the dates in EU format for the European company, and US format for our US company? All Suggestions WELCOMED AND NEEDED![:)]

AFAIK, the date format set in the country settings of the client PC’s system control is used to format and display date values. Unless, of course, some report etc. specifies an explicit formatting. So there shouldn’t be a problem - people working in the EU company simply set their PC’s date format to another value. No changes needed in the Navision database. Disclaimer: This is anecdotal evidence from two cases in our 2.60 DB, where users preferred another date format for aesthetic reasons [;)]

Thanks Heiny. I tried this mzself, and when I got out…well, do zou see a problem in mz letters…APPARENTLZ…MS XP doesnþt handle this well…gosh! Mz Z is a Y and mz Y is a Z )which explains the incorrect spelling of zou name…please excuse) and donþt even trz to insert a single quote[:o)][:I]![:0][B)] Oh well, the good news is…the date format did change! But I did notice that when I connect through Citrix, which we use to communicate with this companz it did not work. Which probablz means that Ill need to set up mz Citrix server for the date format. When I did it on mz local machine and used it as mz client, the formats changed perfectlz! Now, I think Id better change mz settings back…hopefullz rebooting will correct it. Thanks![8D]

ohhhhh…now I see my problem![:I] Sorry Heinz…apparently in all this I also changed my KEYBOARD language…not a requirement. My keyboard has recovered quite nicely. Thanks for your help![:)]

But it was a pretty cool and funny post nevertheless [:D]

[:D] neht dna won pu dessem teg srebmem rou fo sdroabyek eht taht smees tI

Oh no! shock horror !kcab si cipot rorre draobyek ehT