Two datasource(query) to a report.

Hello. Im building reports in VStudio to my project. I made a few raports using query connection, but now i have to use data from 2 tables. I added both of them to my query, set select of dataset but when i click preview there is data only from one of the tables.

How to show data from both of them?

First of all r u making a query based report or RDP . In either case the standard way is u can use as many tables in query but the proper relation and joins needs to be done then to use that query in reports. U can also check that query via job and see how it is working

I think you are using AOT query for your report. Expand your query nodes and post the screenshot here.

You didn’t tell us how the data sotuces should be related.
Maybe you created a query with two root data sources, while you should use a hierarchy.
Maybe you’re making a single query while you need two queries.
Maybe you need an RDP class.

It’s difficult to help you if we know neither what you’re trying to achieve nor what exactly you’ve done.