Two base Item unit of measure

Hi, I hope this topic must have been discussed earlier, still I have a query to the forum members just to know any improved idea about handling the below requirement. How to handle the items with 2 base unit of measures? I mean I have some basic raw materials which are received, inventoried and consumed in either of the 2 unit of measure that is required in the manufacturing flow? Any inputs are very helpful. Thanks in advance Best Regards Sreekanth

Hi, Your requirement needs reaccessment. 2 base units of measure for a single item code are never advisable. You may have to do lots of work on the base product. Try to use and extend the Existing functionality for various item units of measure. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Dear If u want that then first pls specify the 1. base Item unit of mesurement 2.specify the sale unit of measurement & Purchase unit of measurement make the setup for these 3. like code Qty per uom box 5 base unit pcs 1 sale unit regards Ashish Bhardwaj Delhi