In tutorial_form_file form, there is a radio button. When we are running that form it is displaying 9radio buttons and some labels for that. I can understand how 9 Radio buttons are coming but not sure about labels. They gave caption as ‘Windows’, that is coming for last radio Button. but they didnt use any enum or DataSource or EDT… :frowning:

My doubt is for remaining radio buttons how are they giving labels? If any one aware of that pls help me to understand the concept.

Yes, this is really tricky one.

Go to properties of the RadioButton and change the value of Item to say 4. Then click to the Text property. Now you’re setting Text property for fourth element in the RadioBox.

Thank you for your response.

I tried that, After i changed the Item value text is automatically changing. Is that all the labels are stored some where? Based on location it is taking up?

Where they are storing or from where the labels are coming?

Please help us to understand the concept of the radio button.

There is not much to say. It’s all stored in application metadata, as all other properties. Imagine you have nine properties on that form, Text[1] to Text[9], you just cannot access all in the same time. You have to specify an index (Item) and then you can work with the Text property as with any other string property (so you can specify a text or label there).

If you took a look at .xpo, you would see roughly the following:

        ARRAY INDEX Items 
            #Application data current user
            #Application data, all users
            #Internet cache
            #My pictures
            #My documents
            #Windows system

Thank you for a reply. Yes now I understood.

To specify the label for each item, type the number of the item in the Item property, and then set the Text property. we have to repeat this for the next item(s) so that it is saving in Array.