Turning Lot Tracking Off

My client wants to turn lot tracking off. Has anyone done this? How have you accomplished it? What are your thoughts on my approach? 1) REM out code on Item table that disallows user to update the ITem Tracking Code w/ ledger entries. 2) Delete the value in the Item Tracking Code field on all Item records. 3) REM back in code on Item Table. 4) Delete Lot No. on all OPEN Item Ledger Entries. 5) Delete Lot No. on ALL Warehouse Entries. (They use Locations w/ Bins therefore all lot traceability hits both ILE & Warehouse entry table.) Suggest to delete all lot no. info on whse entries as there’s not clear cut way to correspond open ILE’s w/ Warehouse Entries. I’m open for additional suggestions, cautions, or otherwise. Thank you very much for your time. Dez [;)]

I am an end-user/developer with exactly the opposite problem. I want to turn lot-specific tracking ON and am proposing the same approach. I already have lot no.s in inventory as the system allows lot No.s even if they aren’t required. With Lot Specific Tracking turned OFF, the will use FIFO/LIFO when applying items, even if you specify specific lots in item tracking.

I have done it both ways (though removing is easier). It does work, but be damn carefull.