Turn business relation into customer


another issue with business relations: I have created a business relation and a quotation. Now I turn the Business realation into a customer, but not in the form for quotations and instead in the global adress book. Unlike what I expected the entry in the quotations form was not updated. Now I can’t turn it into a customer there because there is already a customer. And I can’t confirm the quotation because it is still a business contact.

Did I overlook something or is this a gap in the system? Do I Need a customization to fix that?

In my test system I could work around that by simply replacing the entries in the table, so it doesn’t look like a big change.

Thanks in advance


what if you cancel this quotation and create a new quotation by selecting the customer record this time? would that not work for you?

Hi Santosh,

thanks for the advice, this would work. But this is a workaround, and not a general solution. It would mean doubling the effort and having a incomplete document trail since the quotation I sent to the customer is not the one I refer to in my sales order. If this was an exception it would be a good solution, but I expect this to happen often, since the users are supposed to create new customers from the global adress book. Introducing a second way to create customers will complicate the process and introduce new error source. The current process is also better, since it requires the users to understand the interconnections of adress data.

With all this in mind I think it would be best to make a minor customization and now I research if I have overlooked a Standard solution.



Hi Lob,

I assumed it is a onetime issue happened and thus suggested a correction. If you want it to be available as business process it requires customization.

I believe it doesn’t require much time as this works well when a BR is converted to customer from Sales quotation form.

I mean, if you have 10 SQs with a BR, and you convert BR to customer from SQ form, all the SQs will now show the customer account rather than the BR account.

So, approaching the developers to trigger the same function as it is in SQ customer conversion would be a good idea.

Hope this information helps.