TTF bug in object designer

I cannot access some TTFs (example: “Bar Sample 128AB”) in object designer. Soft: Navision 2.60c (SQL based). It is very-very-very bad thing, because i cannot print barcodes from NF.

I use this barcode in my reports and it works very fine. (navi2.6 sql). All clients must have this font installed. Bye

Problem may be in OS+Navision. I am using Win2000. Now i’ll test this on Win9x PCs.

No, on Win98 doesn’t works too. I don’t understand. Which version of NF2.60 is works? A? B? C? D?

In NF2.01 all works fine. This TTF is works. But in NF2.60a, NF2.60c designer can’t access this TTF and replaces it on default . I found this problem and with another TTF. May be problem in Regional Settings (!?!?)

I FOUND!!! I FOUND!!! I FOUND!!! Problem is in regional settings (r/s)! When r/s is “English (United States)” all forks fine. But my country is Latvia and i am using r/s “Latvia”. In “Latvia” NF designer can’t find some fonts!!! Some fonts (“Bar Sample 128AB”, …) works in Word, WordPad and others BUT DO NOT WORKS IN NAVISION’S DESIGNER. Multilanguage???

You’re right! My regional setting is Italian … (it’s included in navision multilanguge concept…) Bye