TS with thai code page

Hi, I think this is a common problem. My senario is as follows: I installed the Attain for thailand. But I found that I just can create the database with window collation only, which means Thai. I double checked the SQL database code page. The database created is Thai code page as well. The problem is that. If I use another workstation (code page 1252) to connect to the Thai database, the well known code page error will be shown. Then I tried to swap the code page between Server and Workstation. I created the database with a workstation (code page 1252). Then I tried to connect it with the TS (code page Thai). Same code page error is shown again. I had seem a suggestion in the Navision news letter. It said I should create the database with code page 1252 (default code page 1252 too). Then I should be able to connect with workstation (with Thai Code page). But my test shows it doesn’t work. So can anyone help? I want the result as follow: I need to create a database which can show Thai through TS. And I can connect the database with other workstation (code page 1252). I had tried other language before like Traditional Chinese. No problem is found. I can’t see why thai will have problem. Thanks in advance Rich