Trying to speed up Navision.

When I run the Close Inventory Test Report - 1004 - it takes literally hours to run.

I am running Navision 5.0 SP1 with SQL-database on the back end.

What does the work on Navision the Client or the back end?? Would buying a faster client pc speed up running this report??

The client is a Pentium 4 - 2.2 mhz. single processor computer with 256 meg of ram.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

First of all, I would normally run heavy report like this on the server itself for a huge preformance lift.

This report IMHO is badly constructed - I don’t see why the Item Ledger Entry isn’t filtered to open item only - this alone should give a huge performance lift.

Thanks Dave. I’ll try some things Monday.


Hi Greg,

actually the load is on both - the SQL Server and the Client, as well. Poor Client PC hardware - 256 MB RAM I’d consider quite poor nowadays - will slow down processing; but also the SQL Server could have “issues” (also caused by the NAV application) …

If you search the forum for “SQL Performance” you will get plenty of useful advices and recommendations about how to tune your system.


Thanks Jorg. I’ll search on it.