Trying to put 2 statements on one page.

I made a copy of Report 10112-Vendor 1099-Misc. with many modifications to put 2 Vendor statements on 1 page of perfed forms.

I left all the sections the same but for some reason it prints fine on every other page and the other page it only prints one Vendor. All the odd pages have 2 Vendors on them and all the even pages have 1 Vendor on them.

All the fields line up perfectly but it skips that 2nd Vendor on the even pages.

Is there some type of reset command??

Thanks in advance,


Try to make the ovearll length of sections --that is page length, chanage one section only, not each & every-- a couple of milimeters smaller. It could happen, that pagelength is a little bit longer, on first it fits, but every second when summed is just a tiny bit too long…

I’ll try some very minor changes Modris.

The hard part is it has to hit the boxes on the perfed form.


Ooops… Greg, I really don’t envy you if you have to design a Navision report that “hit the boxes on the perfed form”