trying to download many PDF printout on EP using ListPage ax2012


I’ve got custom ListPage for SalesInvoiceJour table and PDF files for invoices in AX2012 .
I’m trying to make customization, to choose for example 5 records, click menu button in action pane and download PDF files for all of this 5 invoices.

I’m trying to do it with menu item with url attached which point to url downloaddocument.aspx Then I overload class EPDocuGet as I needed

When I choose one record, and call menu item which point to url downloaddocument.aspx there is no problem ana everything works fine.
but the problem is, that it takes ONLY ONE record.

downloaddocument.aspx call method runDownload from EPDocuGet with one parm → common _record

Is there any way to choose many record in my ListPage on EP, click one button and download for example 5 Invoice files?