Trying C/AL - Placing a control to a form


I am new to this. I downloaded some trial NAV from here, and would like to see how the C/AL code looks like. I am trying use one of my tools to generate c/all code, but so far no luck to open any page or code as it says:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment

You do not have permission to read the ‘Shop Calendar Holidays’ Page.

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.


Does anyone could help or point me if I am able to see some code?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to forum!

DEMO license, the only one available together with NAV distribution media, allows to try NAV as end-user and even that is limited - details here. (that’s for version 2015, for other versions click the combobox under page title)

“Trying” NAV development therefore is practically impossible, if you are not an employee of corresponding MS Partner company - or of an end-user, who has bought the very limited dev “tools” available to them. Those minimal possibilities included in DEMO license are of no practical use, and might be used just out of curiosity.

Only the license file (.FLF) determines what is accessible and to what extent. The installation media is always the same, there are no separate TRIALs, DEVs or ENDUSERs.