Try to import quantity on different locations using data port

The problem how can i import a quantity into item table on item card which shows the inventory with respect of locations. How many quantity left in different locations.

give the idea how to do it.


Suggesting you are willing to enter the startup quantities in a new system…

Item table doesn’t contain any QTY data directly - this info comes from Item Ledger (and some more relevant tables), so its next to impossible to import these data, at least for the beginner - you simply don’t know which tables and how to populate, and there are far more than one.

Simplest way - enter your data through Item journal with Entry Type = Positive Adjustment, and then post it - NAV will do the job with Locations, Costs etc, but, in case of great number of entries (Items x No of Locations) its a time-consuming job. Data to this journal can be imported, too, and thats te common way how to get starting data into NAV, but, again - its not a beginners’ task, you should ask your system implementers to help you.

Bring this data in through the Item Journal is not the Simplest way it is the Only way. The only question is whether you do enter the data manually or create an import process to load the data to the journal.

Has Modris Ivans and babrown said journals are correct way of importing previous inventory.
Don’t forget when you are importing to journal you have to define correct item costing or else you will have incorrect item values.

[:D] I was just about to say the exact same thing [H]

I import all the nesseccary field in the item journal line table like , Gen. Prod Posting Group, Vat Prod Posting group and Inventory Posting Group, Base unit of Measure.



Why import them? Calling the standard validation will set these fields

I think smnehal meant that as a question, not a statement, in which case your reply would answer his question.