try to import quantity into item journal line shows an error.

try to import quantity into itme journal line shows an error

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

Blocked must be No in Item No.=‘10217’.


This is item no 10217 is in the item no series but it is blocked, how can i insert the starting quanity of blocked items,


You must uncheck block checkbox from item card.

Thnaks for your kind sugesstion.

Why should a blocked item have a starting inventory in the first place? Unless the block was inadvertant.

I have to do this ocassionally so it was easier to create a simple report

DataItem: Item Table OnAfterGetRecord()
Item.Blocked := FALSE;

of course I also have a field called “Blocked Date” which we have added since the begining.
and to put the blocks back ("like after the adjust cost & post to g/l reports)

It’s just the opposite
Item.Blocked := TRUE;

filter on “Blocked Date” <> ‘’ [blank]

Saves alot of time when your talking about 5000 blocked items n’ such. for us it pays to unblock them all, do what we have to do & then put it back. Nothing is more frustrating that having that message pop-up 10 times and having to restart it after each unblock.