try to import database from Navison ver 4.0 SP2 to Navison 5.0 , shows error message.

When i try to import database from Navision ver 4.0 sp2 to Navision 5.0, it show an error message like

"You do not have to permission to modify the Capacity of Constrained Resource Table.

Contact the system manager if you need to have your permission changed,"

Is there any thing related to license file.


How are you trying to import the database into NAV 5.0? You can’t just make a backup/restore

Check this :

If you don’t have access to partner source, you can also try this:

I done all the steps which show in above link, but error show like this.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The following ODBC error occurred:

Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data, right truncation

State ID: 22001 ---------------------------


At which stage are you getting this error?