True Type Font Problem in combination with codepag

Hi all When using Navision version 3.70 and Turkish codepage under Windows I am not able to use certain true type fonts in Navision. I can use these TTF fonts in other applications such as Notepad and if I change the codepage to English (or probably any other codepage) then I don’t have this problem with Navision and the font displays properly. I also can use other standard Windows fonts in Navision when I have the Turkish codepage installed. To be more precise I am using a barcode font and I have tried several of them but with all I have the same problem. Has anyone ever witnessed this sort of problem before? Thanks,

Hi, had you solved this problem?? I have the same problem with BarCode Fonts. Thx Stepa

There are two solutions: 1. Create font code page mapping in Registry. HK_LM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/FontSubstitutes 2. Modify font for desired codepage support. You can use any font design software.