Trouble with sending email from AX 4.0 through an Exchange email server

Hello - we have AX 4 and have been emailing successfully through our Exchange 2003 server since 2009. We needed to upgrade to Exchange 2010, however, and made the move this week. In AX, there is an “Email Parameters” under the Administration Setup section, which allows you to specifiy your email server name, SMTP port number, and user account. This had been set to the old 2003 Excahnge server name, and when once we changed it to our 2010 Exchange server and restarted the OS, any task in AX that requests a document to be emailed, now fails with a CDO.Message error. the task still completes successfully - but the email never gets sent. We’re at a loss as to what could be causing this, just due to changing to a different server.

Thanks for your help.


May be the Password must have been typed incorrectly in that form.


This link might help,