Trouble with DISTINCT keyword in a Select query

I’m using odbc to connect from java to navision and have a little trouble. When using : Select DISTINCT “FieldName” from “TableName”, the first character of all entries of the field is missing. Without the Distinct directive, the same code return good values. Someone can help me! Thanks

Welcome to the world of Navision ODBC !!! This is one of those errors that keep on appearing and although i keep asking my reseller about it, Navision can’t or wont fix it. The work around i used , from access , was to create simple query that turns the navision data in to a query, then use the distinct keyword on the first query, it seemed to sort it out Hope it works for you Bruce You may also notice that you fields may be one character bigger than they actually are I.E. CODE fields of 11 Characters. Also i have set my ODBC driver to A-Z only this way you get around the table name problems