Trouble with demand planner forecast aftermoving SQL 2005 database to SQL 2008 platform

We’re in the process of moving our AX and Demand Planner over to a new SQL 2008 server, from 2005, and while AX is working fine, Demand Planner is having trouble. The symptom is it simply generates “#NA” in all the data cells, and produces no forecast information anywhere. This is after we have re-written several procesdures, due to 2005 procedures being incompatible with 2008, and also after successfully restoring a copy of the production database to the new 2008 server, so the data is identical to what’s in production. Demand Planner does not give any errors - it simply doesn’t produce any information for forecasting. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Figured out my own problem - somehow it was wiping out the period selections, and therefore not set to forecast for any time period. It’s working now.