Trouble with breakpoint in a click method on a form

Good evening all,

Would appreciate your comments regarding a slight issue I have.

When I access a clicked method from the button on my form I insert a breakpoint. When selecting the button from my form the AX debugger form does not appear.

Can anyone maybe help suggest what they think the issue maybe. I’ve tested that debug is running by creating a simple job.

Thanks and kind regards,

Hello Tom,

Write the instruction pause;

Then run the code, you will get a messageBox asking you if you want to continue, Press Ctrl + Pause

and then click the button No

You will get another mesage box, pressthe key Shift while you click the button No, this will open you the debugger


Hi Tom,

Instead of putting debugger by pressing F9, write breakpoint; in clicked method of button.



Suresh/Manuel, much appreciated for your valuable feedback. Regards, Tom