Triggers in NAV 2009 R2

Can ANyone tell me about triggers in detail …i am getting problem in writing codes …i have already gone through the documentation on msdn but still i am not able to get it correct.?

please let us know which trigger and what problems are you facing in writing code…

I am talking about all the triggers in forms, report and table

its difficult to explain you each and every trigger here.
please let us know your requirement and what did you try to achieve it and what problems are you facing so that we can help you.
If you are new to NAV then you need to take proper training to understand the things… contact in your office.


MSDN is the best link which everyone can suggest, if you are not able understand that means you need training …

actully i am able understand the things over their but when i am writing any codes i am confused where to write?

yes, that’s why I asked you to let us know your requirement and where did you write code and what is not working with that… etc.

suppose that i have made a table with 5 fields and if i want to that my first field should automatically increment and that field is integer so what to do…?
these kinds of problem i am facing and i am using nav 2009 r2 classic client

what did you try for that?
you can use autoincrement property or you can write code in Oninsert trigger etc.

yup thats exactly i am trying to know that how u get that the code should be written on the oninsert trigger?

if you read and understand help of OnInsert trigger then you will know it.
Executes when a user inserts a new record into the table.

Each Trigger will get executed in a different point of time.

In a Table, the OnInsert Trigger is executed when a record is being inserted (when all the primary keys are inserted), the OnModify Trigger is executed when the value in any field of the record is altered, OnRename Trigger is executed when the key fields are altered and the OnDelete Trigger is executed when you are deleting a record.
For the fields in a Table, OnValidate Trigger is executed when you enter or alter the data in a field and Onlookup trigger is executed when Lookup is activated. There will be One OnValidate Trigger and One OnLookup Trigger for every field in the table.

I hope now you will get an idea of the triggers in Tables. Similarly you can relate to the triggers in other objects from the term itself.