triggers dont work, MSMQ -> mutate table in NF

Hi, Im developing an alternative for the commerce portal. its almost finished, we can do a complete synchronize from Navision, updating tables in the SQL database (for the website), requesting data from navision, and mutate data in Navision. We use a MSMQ for data exchange, and XML formatted files. We have only a small problem, with the triggers in Navision. When we modify a record in the table, we call .modify(TRUE); .insert(TRUE); I thought, that TRUE, runs a trigger, but the trigger does not run. I made a testform in .NET (c#), I request some data, and mutate it, I sent it back to Navision, and the data will be mutated, but I have to keep my SQL database up to date, and I want to synchronize, therefore I have to make sure the trigger runs, when I mutate data. I tried to mutate data in the table from the object designer, in Navision, not the navisionprogram itself, because I dont know how it works, im only a developper :). When I change data directly in the table, the trigger runs, and everything works fine. Does anyone know how to solve such a problem…, Greetz, Eko Krebbers

object designer is asumed to be in Navision (C/SIDE=C/S Integrated development environment) yes the triggers are run…


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C/SIDE=C/S Integrated Development Environment

… And the C/S stands for Client/Server… [;)]