Triggering purchase line form "No.' on Validate for Exteneded text

Hi all,

I have written code to insert a line into purchase line form but system is not populating the extended text

  1. In item card automatic Ext text is true

2)Item has extended text

  1. Validate is called while inserting item

  2. Manually inserting populates the extended text

is there any way to call form trigger while inserting. because extended text code is written in "No. "on validate of the form

Using 4.0sp3

Can you show us the code which you have written?

PurchLine.VALIDATE(“Document Type”,PurchHeader.“Document Type”);
PurchLine.VALIDATE(“Document No.”,PurchHeader.“No.”);

PurchLine.“Line No.”:=Lno;
PurchLine.VALIDATE(“Buy-from Vendor No.”,PurchHeader.“Buy-from Vendor No.”);
EVALUATE(Purchqty,ProductionBOMLine2.“Purchase Quantity”);
Purchqty:=Purchqty-ProductionBOMLine2.“Ordered Quantity”;

PurchLine.“Production BOM No”:=ProductionBOMLine2.“Production BOM No.”;
PurchLine.“Production BOM SNO”:=ProductionBOMLine2.“S.No.”;
PurchLine.“Production BOM Version”:=ProductionBOMLine2.“Version Code”;

ProductionBOMHeader.GET(ProductionBOMLine2.“Production BOM No.”);

PurchLine.VALIDATE(“Shortcut Dimension 1 Code”,ProductionBOMHeader.“work order no.”);

InsertPurchExtText function is called from No. - OnAfterValidate() trigger of form…

that is the thing I want to know , how to execute the onafter validate trigger of the “No” fiield of the from the coding

you need to customize or try by calling the existing functions…