Trigger 99 in Codeunit 1 does not exist - BUT it does!

Ok, this is driving me nuts. I’m trying to run the NAS from the command line - here’s my syntax:

nassql.exe appservername=NAS1, NETTYPE=TCP, servername=SERVER, database=MYDB, company=“MYCOMPANY”, startupparameter=“SSPS”, objectcache=40000

It’s reporting that Trigger 99 in CodeUnit 1 does not exist.

But that’s not true - I’ve investigated code unit 1, there is a function called NASHandler, and it has an ID of 99 for the server and database in my NAS string.

Any idea what else could be the problem here?

Check the properties of the function. Is it set to be a local function?

It is not - should it be?

No it should not be a local procedure, but that is one way that the function is not visible. Make sure you delete the value out of that property, so that it reverts to its default value of

Does the “user”, running the NAS[service], have necessary rights in NAV?

Yes - I am running the NAS service as with my domain account, which has Super rights in Nav.

One other piece - I am running the NAS over the network. IE my NAS server is on Server A, the Nav server is Server B. I can connect my Nav client from Server A to Server B without issue, so I don’t think it’s a network problem. But just in case anyone has any other ideas I thought it might help.

Just to add to this - I ran the NAS from the Nav server itself and I stlil get the same error.

Verified that my user has Super role, is sysadmin in the DB, and an Administrator on the server. NASHandler function in the ApplicationManagement CodeUnit (1) has 99 for the ID and is not local.

This is a toughie.